Best Activities in Central Park During Spring

As a native New Yorker, spring is my favorite season in NYC as it paints the city with warm days and pretty flowers. This is the perfect time to soak in the nature and the floral ambience, making Central Park a must-visit place.

Here is the breakdown for the best activities in Central Park during spring to bring beauty and vitality to your NYC experience.

Central Park in the spring

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Why Central Park Is a Must-Visit in Spring

Central Park undergoes a remarkable transformation around April, bursting with cherry blossoms and greenery after the long winter months. 

The breathtaking colors and pleasant weather creates an irresistible charm that is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Central Park in spring offers an unforgettable experience. 

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park

One of the most iconic attractions of Central Park in spring are the cherry blossoms! From mid-April to early May, delicate pink flowers blanket the park, creating a picturesque backdrop for memorable photoshoots. 

Where to Find Cherry Blossoms

Here are the top 3 locations for cherry blossoms that I personally enjoy:

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir (aka the Central Park Reservoir): Enjoy a serene stroll along the reservoir's perimeter while admiring the row of cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
Cherry blossoms by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
  • Great Lawn: Spread out a picnic blanket on the Great Lawn with a backdrop of cherry blossoms.
Group of travelers having a picnic by the cherry blossom tree in Central Park's Great Lawn
  • Cherry Hill: Near the Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill has a stunning display of cherry blossoms. This area is perfect for romantic walks by the park's iconic landmarks.
Cherry blossom Central Park fine art photography

Cherry Blossom Photoshoot Tips/Ideas

  • Experiment with different angles and compositions to capture both the cherry blossoms and the iconic buildings/views in the background.
  • Dress in colors that complement the soft hues of the cherry blossoms for a cohesive and enchanting look.
  • Place a few cherry blossom leaves in front of your camera to create a soft, blurred pink effect. This will help frame your image better by drawing attention to your subject.

Central Park Picnic

A picnic is a relaxing and inexpensive way to enjoy an afternoon at Central Park. The park is huge, offering plenty of areas to choose from, including the Great Lawn or more secluded spots near trees. 

It’s also a great family outing as a picnic is a versatile activity for all ages. Bring a ball or frisbee to play on the Great Lawn or simply enjoy a novel on a beach chair. 

Picnic in central park under a cherry blossom tree

Central Park Boat Ride

Experience Central Park from a different perspective with a serene boat ride as you navigate through the Central Park lake. If you enjoy romantic Notebook moments, a rowboat adventure is for you. 

Boating in Central Park feels like a timeless experience, away from the technology and bustling NYC energy.

Rowboats rentals are available at the Loeb Boathouse starting at $15 per hour for the first hour (cash only). Each row boat holds up to 4 people.

Boat ride in Central Park lake with flowers

Rowboats in NYC Central Park

Bow Bridge in Central Park


From pink flowers to romantic boat rides, exploring Central Park during spring offers unforgettable moments and newfound appreciation for nature.

Each spring, I make an effort to visit Central Park at least once and I hope this article inspires you to visit as well. 

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